I enjoy teaching and training leaders and creatives to maximize their giftedness. I love sharing what I've learned over the years about media, communications & the arts. I've spoken at That Church Conference, Collyde Summit, WFX Conference and Church IT Conference. If you are interested in having me share with your team, church, or conference then shoot me an email. I would love to discuss.

360 Review

Processing Communication Requests - That Church Conference

Church Overview Video - Reach More 1st Time Visitors

Building A Photo Team

Recruiting, Resourcing & Rewarding Creatives

During Video Testimonies

Internship Best Practices

Directing Non-Actors

Video Testimony Interviews: Before Recording

Presenting Live Announcements

Video Testimony Interview: Pre-Interview

Awesome Message Series Bumpers

Writing Captivating Announcements

Brainstorming Meetings That Pour Down Ideas

Running Great Auditions

Processing Communication Requests

Avoiding Predictable Services

Amplified Impact - Utilizing Photographers & Videographer in the Church

Unseminary - Leading Creatives at Your Church

Center for Church Communication - Easter Production and Communication

I’ve been on a couple of podcasts - Unseminary, Pro Church Podcast and That Church Podcast - sharing what I've learned. If my insight and content would benefit your audience, let me know, and we'll setup a record time.