pitch 1 - Boxing

The storyline is of a boxer training or fighting. Both would demonstrate that even though we might not see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is there. That breakthrough is possible. That we need to continue pushing towards it. For the training storyline include a trainer which would allude to Jesus helping us achieve breakthroughs. I would use bold language and a dramatic VO ("Have you ever face a hardship you couldn't overcome? Have you ever needed to push beyond what you thought was possible?") and driving music, similar to the video below. For the fighting storyline I would use ambient sounds of the gyms, an secular pop song that talks about or describes personal breakthrough.

I would suggest the training over the fighting because the production effort would be much smaller. 

Pitch 2 - YOU CAN DO IT

The storyline capture five different people experiencing breakthrough moments throughout their lives starting with young and moving to old. The first is of a young child finally counting to 100 with their parent at the kitchen table. The second is of a middle school child awkwardly, but successfully, accomplishing their first dive. The third is of a high school student practicing parallel parking in a empty lot. The four is a young man bending the knee and and purposing. The fifth is a young couple being handed the keys to their first fixer upper. It would have the emotional tone of You've Got This. 

PS - This has nothing to do with Rob Schneider