Rich Birch / Owner / Unseminary

Ben’s driving passion is to proclaim Christ through media and he wants to equips others to do the same. I wholeheartedly endorse him for a role in your ministry, he would be a gift to your organization.

Ben rocks it across a boatload of communication disciplines like broadcast news, video production and live production. He is also a creative genius and a leader of leaders.

Ben does an incredible job at teaching across the organizations he’s been involved at with staff, interns and volunteers. He can easily apply this teaching skill in other settings. I have partnered with him first hand as a consultant to megachurches and as a speaker at conferences. These are other settings in which his natural teaching ability shines, it is another example of his gifting in this area.

Justin Dean / Founder / That Church Conference

Ben has a strong passion to teach and train the next generation of digital communicators with modern tools and techniques. His wealth of real world experience adds tremendous value to every project, no matter the setting.

Ben is a content and resource generating machine with blog posts and video tutorials. His teaching sessions continue to be some of our most viewed content because he is such a compelling communicator and teacher. His content does so well because he is a natural storyteller, and it’s clear he wants to breathe life and knowledge into the next generation of storytellers.

If you are looking for a stellar communications leader, content creator, teacher, and media producer all-in-one, who is also in love with Jesus and wants to equip others to spread the gospel, then Ben Stapley is your guy. I jump at any chance to work with him, and chances are you should too.

Nithin Thompson / Teaching Pastor / Liquid Church

Ben is a creative. He is also a pastor. His pastoral heart comes out in everything that he does. Ben is always looking for creative and outside of the box ways to engage people that are far from God.

I’ve learned a lot from Ben about productivity, creativity and how to honor and love God with every aspect of my being. Ben is prolific, always creating content to bless the church he works and churches across the country.

Jim Tomberlin / Owner / MultiSite Solutions

In the church today good sermon content is not enough. You need someone who knows how to package it, present it and deliver it onstage and online. Ben Stapley is one of those leaders who knows how to lead teams to orchestrate the creative elements of worship, proclamation and social media to maximize the message of a local church. In addition to being a seasoned practitioner, Ben is an equipping coach and valuable resource to the Church.

Clint Taylor / Worship Pastor / Liquid Church

I had the joy of working with Ben while he was Creative Arts Pastor at Liquid Church. He lead the way for our church to create new and effective systems for communications, production, video, and media within our organization.

Ben was the secret weapon that helped Liquid Launch it's 125,000 Sq Ft Broadcast Campus successfully. Ben lead the way for our creative arts team to take new ground, raising up new leaders and always championing excellence.

Kenny Jahng / Owner / Big Click Syndicate LLC

Ben is skilled at teaching and leading teams of volunteers, interns and staff to execute content with excellence and consistency. He knows how to educate others and put them in a position to lead.

Because of his rich work experiences and strong communication skills, he is a sought after church consultant and conference speaker on topics about media, communications, and creativity.

Ben continues to developed a strong network of professional relationships across the communication fields. This network would be advantageous to any organization looking to expand their exposure to thought leaders.

Bob Gustafson / Communication Professor / Moody Bible Institute

It has been my pleasure to have a life-long acquaintance with Ben. His educational background gives him a practical and spiritual foundation that allows him to uniquely teach and pastor others.

Ben's leadership is fruitful. His professionalism and enthusiasm, which propel teams forward, are his leading characteristics.

Another attribute Ben showcases is motivation. I have seen him demonstrate the quality of propelling others forward in creativity. He is a storyteller at heart and wants to breathe life and knowledge into the next generation of storytellers.

Jason Luke / Care Pastor / Liquid Church

Ben’s attention to detail is exceptional. His ability to guide a group of various disciplines to a fruitful outcome amid multiple challenges is remarkable. This emphasizes his communication mastery. It is evident that the multiple teams he currently leads are flourishing because of his skilled oversight and experience. He leads with integrity while gently instructing other to pursue excellence in their craft and in their relationship with Jesus.

I’ve worked at churches for over 15 years with many skilled men and women that were exceptional but have never met anyone of Ben’s caliber. He understands who he is and how God has wired him. Ben understands the depth and breadth of his communication craft, what methods to use to paint a compelling picture, how to inspire people, and how to expound upon the multiple facets needed for a creative masterpiece.