Capturing slices of life has always intrigued me ever since picking up my father's Canon AE-1 as a child.  Learning that this remarkable piece of technology could frame and freeze moments of time fascinated me.  I would look out the car window on family vacations as a teenager and blink my eyes when the perfect landscape came into view.  As an adult, I continue taking mental and digital images of the stunning world around me.


In response to the HIV & AIDS crisis in Zimbabwe, Bud & Mandy Jackson founded ANESU to reach people infected and affected by the deadly disease.  It was a privilege to tell of their redemptive efforts through images.

Family portraits

Great family portraits start with creating a great environment.  After creating a fun, relaxed and playful environment for the family to interact in, the photos start taking themselves.  

Family Photos

Sometimes I turn the lens toward my family to capture extraordinary images from the ordinary moments of life.  Not only is my family beautiful subjects to work with, they are also patient when I test out new gear.  It's also easier to create remarkable images when you are working with a remarkable subject.

Home Groups

Experiencing life together through a Home Group helps people share their ups and downs.  Shooting in such a personal setting can feel invasive.  If you wait 30 minutes into the shoot before you pull out your camera, it will help people relax and forget a photographer is present.


I most often shoot on Canon's 6D and 7D, but sometimes it's fun to pull out the GoPro for dramatic and action-oriented images.  Below are some that we took at Myrtle Beach.


As soon as I met these sisters, their enjoyment for each other and life was completely evident.  It was a pleasure to see their playfulness come out in every photo.