Tv Reporter & Producer

Yes, I was one of those children.  I asked "why".  And I asked it again and again.  As an adult, I continue to ask why.  Asking why is part of my genetic makeup.  Asking why has led me to explore our remarkable world.  Asking why has also led me towards work in journalism.


I had the privilege to report and produce for Context.  Context is a weekly, half-hour, independently-produced television program from offices located in downtown Toronto, at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre. During this time I was able to create boundary-breaking programming that reveals Christ by exploring news from a Christian worldview.

The Source

I cut my teeth as a reporter at The Source.  The Source is a cable news program in Niagara, Ontario.  The program examines events and issues affecting the residents of Niagara.  I was able to learn the foundation of journalism by reporting on community stories and profiles - and by continuing to ask "why".