Stage Designer

Environments have a remarkable influence on how people feel, behave and learn.  A creative stage design can create an atmosphere that is worshipful, reflective and in awe of God.  Below are some examples of those atmospheres that I have helped to create.  Some of my design are also featured on Church Stage Designs Ideas.

Antique Lights

These antique lights were easy & inexpensive.  This general look worked for a range of message series.  To make sure the filament could been seen, we used dimmers set on the lowest setting.  We also hung some of the lights with triple socket cords and borrowed many floor/table lamps to save money.

Red Fabric

A number of ministries use the auditorium during the Christmas season for their productions - so we needed to create a look that appealed to a wide range of people.  The fabric, trees & lights were dramatic, affordable & connected with all ages.


We wanted to use pallets since they are large, plentiful, versatile and cheap. The pyramid structure worked best with our stage layout. We used pallets that were as square as possible to keep the structure as stable as possible.  A triple socket cord and inexpensive bulbs illuminated the pallets.

 guiding star

Our Lead Pastor wanted to wrap the Christmas message series around the guiding star to Bethlehem.  So we know we needed a star.  Our team spent over 20 volunteer hours and used over 1,000 lights to create this impressive 15 foot star.


We designed a set to complement our message series Soul Detox based on the book by Craig Groeschel.  We used promo videos leading into the series to illustrate a toxic soul.  We wanted this imagery on stage during the series so we bought two mannequins and painted the "soul" of one black.  Energy-efficient bulbs were used to prevent the tulle fabric from melting.

Ikea Lights

This design incorporated hanging and standing paper lanterns from IKEA.  Since it was a general look, it worked for a couple of message series  A remote control switch was plugged into a ceiling outlet to avoid pulling out a ladder every Sunday. The floor lamps were dimmable but the ceiling lights weren’t, so we went with 15-watt bulbs for those.

Yarn Balls

We decided to DIY some yarn balls.  We always try to scale our designs as large as we can so they feel appropriate on our stage.  To accomplish this we used 6 feet wide beach balls as the support system for the yarn.